Is there anything worth grinding for?

As someone who grinded almost every reward last year, is there any card worth grinding? I usually use alot of reward cards but these cards don’t look like they’re worth the effort. 450 games for Oladipo is pretty crazy. How obtainable is Chuck Person? Even that McCollum looks sus not being able to play PG. Help, I just want a good card without having to blow what little MT I have saved.

blake griffin and jaylen brown are by far the best rewards atm

other than curry


They’re just such a long and tedious grind. I want something I can do in a few days-week. Is Mikan worth the aggravation of dom?

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Not much to do once you’re caught up on xp challenges unfortunately

I just hope we don’t have to do all three tiers of dom if there’s a new tier of dom and reward

probably brown but if you didn’t get the first ring it’s over

I didnt lol my team is too ass for a ring

@Pedronqneves can’t hang in myteam so he hides in stage and park letting other ppl do the work while he just runs around guarding one man.


My team is too easy

Then go win that $200k

Ahah my team as the mode , not playing those guys :sweat_smile:

Then win. But you don’t win, you lose all the time and have no cards that only the top guys have because you get sausaged.

You and @dnttalktomeh are the same, big talker sky walker who actually can’t play as well as you claim.


“Get sausaged”

Made me laugh.

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Based on how they have done ttoffline then you might have to, but it’s just 33 stars to advance through each one not the whole thing

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:joy:I don’t play my team this year , because it’s boring
Unlimited is easy and boring
The only way to have competition is playing friends that are good .
I’m not that good , but good enough to have a e -sports team thinking about pay me for my hobbie which isn’t bad .
At least 2k they will buy me every year better than spending money on packs and mT ahab

Show us your unlimited record.

@dnttalktomeh was competing hardly against OGsuave , on my team tho

The one who had 3 total views on their last game?



You missing the point , they don’t stream for content
They forced to do it for the league .