Is there any value in getting EVERY Spotlight Reward?

Complete Spotlight Series I, get Magic
Complete Spotlight Series II, get B Roy
Complete Spotlight Series III, get a Beastly GO TBD.


So, my question is, do you think 2K will give us a super beastly GO reward at the end of all of this, if we complete all of the Spotlight Reward Challenges?

Just curious, I have done Kevin Garnett (Chris Webber), Iggy (Rick Barry), Dwight Howard (Blake), KAJ (Giannis). Just reading about the rebound challenges in Wade and IT make it sound god awful. And that Dirk card is obviously garbage.

I am late to the game this year, so apologies in advance if I missed the PSA on this one.

Not that we know yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do give us something for collecting everything, then putting Super Duper packs in the market to incentivize buying packs to complete the whole thing.

The Wade one was a bit challenging, the IT one was one of the easiest, imo. Just go for steals instead of boards when attempting the triple double and it’s pretty easy.

I’m doing all of them in hopes of getting a surprise card at end end but I am not banking on it. I’ve done all but Dirk (6 games in) and Iggy. Despite the bad reviews on Magic I’m still gonna complete Dirk’s spotlight and definitely all the ones to nab Opal B-Roy.

I’m probably going to go fro the b Roy

B Roy gonna be worth it. HOF Clamps and HOF Range Extender plus 20 other HOFs.