Is there an option to discard GO David Robinson? THIS CARD SUCKS!

I understand the whole steady shooter nonsense, but I’d rather discard this garbage card for 3k than see it sabotage my team for another game because it can’t knock down a wide open shot.

I’m legit about to grind out those Ratpors historic SIM challenges for Bargani just so I can have a Center that can actually not be a liability for this team. Jesus.

Soooooo your basically saying that this is a…

"Suck Card "

@RodsquadG :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Wow…really? I’ve been wanting him for so long. Are you sure it’s not the release? I knock down threes consistently with wilt somehow and people say drobs a way better shooter

Is he evo’d because I want drob as well

Drob is waaaay above average. If you love him, you love him. If you don’t you don’t.

I don’t even notice the steady shooter after Evo @LouisvittonRon

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Correct term is brick brick :brick:

I’m not a big “my center has to be knock down guy” I’m more about can he grab boards and shut down the paint

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Good to hear

He’s great at every other aspect of the game, but his open shots will brick. I just cannot have that on my squad trying to play competitively. I’m starting guys like PD RIP hamilton & Diamond RoCo because they have reliable jump shots.

If that’s your preference, then he’s perfect. He does all those things well.

Sounds like you need bosh bruh

Yea, He’s actually my starting C & DROB was my back up.

Bosh has been great so far.

U try that Amy Zhou Qi?

Or maybe he’s a “Trump guy”. Ask @Petravork

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I thought they took of steady shooter when he is evoed?

D Rob honestly doesn’t miss open shots more than anyone else on my team misses open shots. I’ve played like 300+ games with him, so I have the shot down, but still… D Rob is easily a top 3 center, in my opinion.


DRob is elite. Put in some more time in freestyle


Nah, goes to HOF steady. The percentage for hitting covered shots goes up to like 22% and for missing opens drops to like 5%

Edit:. I don’t want to spread false narratives🤓

The main takeway is HOF steady or not at all.