Is There A Way To Search For The Ornament Balls?

If I can get the ornament balls, I’ll be closer to Sabonis lol. But they’re labeled as Amethyst and impossible to get

Yeah it’s super lame. They were the last consumables I had left to collect so I just used the filter to remove all the cards I already had. Still didn’t let me scroll to the end to see if there were cheap buyouts.

Buy all the other balls and filter with ‘enabled’

The buyout filter is broken, you have to scroll


I bought all the other balls. Imma try that

EDIT: OMG @Kiwi2k is the GOAT

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How much do they actually go for? I packed one earlier

The last dupe I had sold for 1450. But I was able to get a lot of them on bid between 500-1000. The buyout filter being broken helps.