Is there a way to delete your MyPlayer card from your MyTeam and redo it?

I don’t like the build I made since I made a shooting guard that can’t dunk when you upload it into my team since apparently 2K decided that any shooting guards that we upload aren’t allowed to dunk this year…

Now I made a new my player that’s a small forward so that he has the ability to dunk and I want to upload this one into my myteam

Anybody know a way to delete my current MyPlayer card in my MyTeam collection?

You cant

I just did

You delete that player from everywhere?

Last year there was an amazing glitch that nobody used or cared about when deleting my player cards. You could combine the stats of your first player with the player model and animations of the next one.

I had a 7’3 max arms, max weight emerald card with 95 in all 3 point stats (including moving 3 with the Hedo leaner) and like over 70 speed and ball control… That monster destroyed opals right to the end of the game.