Is there a way to delete 2kMTcentral account?

Can anybody assist me?

Post gay porn gifs and wait a week for them to ban you



Many weeks

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Seriously lmao I just want to delete my account already but I don’t see an option

LOLOLOLOL this got me cryin

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I can’t even create an account on there. I tried this morning and never got the the verification email. Weird site I guess. I sent them a email about it and no reply as of yet. You can’t delete your account and I can’t create an account. LOL good site! meh

blessing in disguise

Yeah I’d refrain from creating an account there man.

The “2kMT” in 2KMTCentral is short for “2,000 Male Testicles”. It might have been more actually. There were many dongs shown that day.


never forget 2gayporncental

Why is that? lol too much gay porn posted? lol

It’s not monitored and the site mods are nowhere to be found honestly

Same here man. Been trying on and off for months trying to get a verification e-mail and ive never received one.

I still maintain that the gay porn was a conspiracy by 2KGamer to get people to switch over.

Just kidding.

Partially kidding.

gay porn is a good way to get banned, but itll take you some months

Sometimes you have to use gay porn to achieve a greater goal. This site is a million times better and more accessible. I actually like MTDBs player database better than 2KMTC cuz its easier to see which badges they’re missing.




I don’t think the term “NSFW” has ever been more applicable than to looking at 2KMTC during FCS’s rampage a few weeks ago. Your boss sees that shit, and you’re fired. Boom. Done. All because of a troll.


Girlfriend or wife glances over your shoulder… questions ensue.

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