Is there a visible algorithm or some way to decode the game for equalizer?

We all talk about it, we all “feel” it. But there’s no physical way for us to prove it. A lot of the time, just video proof isn’t good enough, because it does not include the sense of “touch” or “feel”.

For example, I know my shooters release point because I practice that sh** every game and it’s muscle memory at this point, but there are games especially against diamond & PD teams where they brick everything they throw up. A video can’t gauge muscle memory or feeling.

If 2k came out with a statement of truth on 2k20 release day, saying “We admit to equalizing our game, and here’s a synopsis of how bad you or your opponent will be equalized on any given game.” If they came out and actually admitted something like that, I’d gain a ton more respect for them & applaud their honesty.

I want a code that’ll tell me when my players will be stupid on defense and blow their assignments, when my players will be giving up offensive boards all game, when my players will cut inside the 3 even if they’re wide open, when the opponent will be able to rain 3s when I’m in their face, when all my passes will magically teleport to the defenses hands.

Just let me know what I’ll be in for before a game so I don’t have to be all pissed off at 2k being shady & screwing me. At least if I know I’ll be fighting an uphill battle ahead of time, I can at least swallow my pride and accept a tougher-than-need-be challenge.

I think someone did find video proof.
I without a doubt think this game caters casual users to turn them into gamers.

Kobe all called them out on it. Said he just uses his player and runs with a bunch of bums bc the EQ and that 2k should fix it

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Its more obvious in domination. Not exactly tough games but you can see all the fuckery right there. I put Gobert on his ass one game and he literally levitated back up like some shit outta twilight zone and blocked my layup

I started putting 3 bronzes on my bench and ovr glitching and I can make shots again.

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