Is there a certain way to open packs to have better odds

Like is there a specific time frame to open them at?

Yeah the best odds are when you don’t pull them at all


It’s late in the cycle, but I always take pics of my best pulls and go back to look over the time stamps and it’s always around the same exact times. So when I get an urge to rip packs I tend to try and do it in those windows. It’s not 100%, but I get pretty decent results.


Yeah like @ACMRmuki said just don’t open the packs it always tempts me and I blow my MT away and get nothing. Sometimes I’ve gotten lucky but I’ve already spent so much Mt on the packs and I don’t even result in a profit selling back the card.

Packs are just stupid. I opened several times milion or two mt and got nothing and sometimes i get good shit in one or two packs so there are no rules, at least for me. I’m always sorry to spend mt to buy a player and when I start to open the packs I can’t stop…

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@Shirogohan5 mentioned back in Feb that there was a method. He said he was gonna post a vid on the method after he got Opal AD. I haven’t looked for it, not sure if he posted.

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I had the best team and the most mt when I didn’t open for two months, but for me packs are the most fun part of this game unfortunately


buy mt

Well I play about 7 my career games that give me 2000 Vc a game and I put it on 5 minutes quarters and I play the 1st quarter then I play half of the second quarter then I ask out with Vc Then I do that until I have 15k Vc then I open a best of 2k20 pack but I haven’t been having the best of odds

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I had this game since day one…probably got 95% of all the free login packs, locker code packs and tto packs so that’s a huge amount of packs and the best thing I pulled since september to this day is diamond Kukoc
Maybe not a good example but it’s just my case from every pack I got

The general consensus seems to be opening right when they drop… You have the most ppl opening them and it seems that 2k might “juice” the front end so ppl will post pics of their pulls, enticing others to open them.

This can’t be confirmed, of course… You have folks (like me) that have ripped a ton right when they come out and pulled nothing.
Then you have folks (also me, but way less) that get lucky and pull the best card in the first few packs/box.

There is no rhyme or reason, and the house always wins.
There are no “pack Gods” or juiced odds. You either get lucky or you don’t. And the YouTubers spend a fuck load of real money


This might sound stupid but when I click on the banner of whatever packs I’m trying to open I usually get pretty good pulls

This is 100% the case.

I usually pull an opal within 2 boxes immediately when packs drop.

Then a few days later I could rip 5 boxes and not even get a PD.

This has been consistent all year

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What do you mean banner?

On the first tab in myteam there should be a picture of the packs

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Oh ok I get what you mean now

I noticed I pull all my opals at 4 minutes after the release of packs.

Theory is they reset the odds every 15 mins. But I feel like I always get the opal pull 4 minutes past the hr.

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During new pack drops most of my big pulls come at 8 minutes right afterwards. It’s crazy how consistent it is too.

Right just the thrill of gettin shit on or pullin somethin nice :rofl::skull:

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