Is the Zo Grind Worth It?

I just started playing these challenges for Zo, and boy these things suuuuuuck. I imagine I could finish them all in a few days by neglecting Dom, but is Zo actually worth it? I’m hoping a few people that have him can shed some light. The challenges are not fun, feel like a chore, and my time is limited… I dunno, I guess I’ll wrap them up if he is a game changer.

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He plays very very good to me. He averages 8/13/4 with 3 blocks in MTU

But if it was only for him I wouldn’t have done the challenge. It’s more for Magic

If not for him DEF for Magic


I forgot I need him for Magic. Looks like I need to evo Udonis real quick. Damnit.


Just play some dom and use wade/haslem and other evos and evolve them there. Once they are solid, do the challenges. Haslem is easy to grind, just points/rebs.

Gold backdown makes him easy to dropstep on switches.

What about magic? Would you mind enlightening me

6’9 PG will be OP assuming position locks are fixed by the time of his release. Aside from the fact that Magic is always good in 2k and is an all time great.

I tried the Udonis 28 point game without evo’ing him lol… yeah, that was interesting.

Zo as in Lonzo? Then I’m grinding. What is the grind what do I have to do

Nevermind. Alonzo. 2k can keep him

But I mean why we need Zo for Magic? Is he some reward somewhere or…?

Collect Zo and a handful of other Spotlight Rewards and you get DI Magic as the Reward for that “set.”


I’m on game 17 (the final game) of the spotlight challenges and still have emerald UD :joy:


That card sucks so bad. My god.

Im waiting for prices to drop. The price of these Amythests are silly.


I didn’t even realize that. Magic at the point isn’t as good as last year. I was doing it with the center one.

Ok i finished the challenges and got Zo, it was pretty sweaty lol… Now who should i sell? What are the prices looking like for the set currently? (I’m out now and cant check)

Also if anyone is wondering, I finished it with Sapphire Evo Wade, and Emerald Evo Haslem.

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Melo was going for around 100k and Tim around 50k when I sold mine earlier.

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Wait wait wait how we get lonzo