Is the new kawhi worth the extra 100k?

Im getting a kawhi today and i want to know if the new kawhi is worth the extra 100k over the prime kawhi

Probably not enough for you to tell a difference, the prime one is a dog

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Yes. No debate lol

The Prime Kawhi was 700k at his peak this one is barely 300k

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Both are good, new one is incredible on defense.

What is it just plus 1 in stats? Lol

I would wait a bit

the badges are the important part, not sure what he was missing

Yes the tendencies are worth 100k alone

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Ik I keep saying this but at this point 100k is 5 bucks man get you the better version and if he ever goes back up call it an investment

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Juiced tendencies and the fact that this Kawhi is in a Clippers jersey makes this an easy upgrade for me no matter the price.

I wish xbox could lower to $5 like ps4 lol but yeah mt is cheap

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Tendies are juiced. 100 everything defensively except foul and hard foul. HOF backdown punisher and HOF Dropstepper too. Almost all stats are 97+ too.

what’s his price rn? the new one

Absolutely worth it. I sold Prime Kawhi 10 days ago for 450 and got this one for 190. Talk about a good trade.

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If u like T-Mac - the glitched is down to 200-250, close to leonard’s price and he’s dope at sg pos.
Loved him but he has to go for Vince.

ill take kawhi > tmac everyday

Yeah the Leonard cards can def ball.

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Hope he can ball as well - had some ugly bid wars in the last hours to finish this set.



I’m eventually going to have to lock for him as he’s one of my favorites, but Kawhi and Ingram are so damn good.

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