Is the new kawhi better then diamond jordan?

Idk, they look really similiar and kawhi dont need a shoe

Kawhi has better shooting badges. Animations play a huge part. I think in the right hands MJ is the better card, though. I have gotten killed by some Amethyst Kawhi users, though

Amy Kawhi is a better 3p shooter than D Jordan tbh. Can’t imagine this one.

Kawhi best card on the game

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I still run the amethyst Klaw off my bench. This diamond is endgame for me. I already know it.

I think Kawhi is the best 3&D player in this game, despite lacking 3pt plays.
Jordan is better as a dominant ball handler due to animations.
I’ll put Jordan at 1 and Kawhi at 3, simply lockdown defense

Yeah @element is right it’s all about the user. I averaged 24ppg with the Amy MJ with 3 shoe and 27ppg with the diamond MJ so not that big of a difference. Both elite