Is the mode beginning to get stale for anyone else?

Maybe it’s because I didn’t plan on playing it at all this season, the NBA not being active, or the crazy cards coming so early this cycle, but the game is starting to feel pretty stale to me. All that we’re doing is switching out OP cards for other OP cards of players that we like more while speculating what’s the next card to attempt to break the game even more than it is already. It’s starting to feel a lot like washing my hair…rinse and repeat.


I’m with you. And now that we already have PG Shaq, it feels like the mode is over.


They can only do so much to top some of these cards. Hakeem is going to have to be SF eligible to be relevant at this point. Lmao

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Not for me.

Having a lot of fun using my tourney team in MTU. Its a nice break from running an OP player 1-13.

I like that this year I have a type of player I use and I stick to it. Some Opals and PDs that others go crazy for won’t even crack my line up if they have a slow peek for example.

Most of the cards don’t even exist to me. I’m still in shock I have no desire to use Opal Bird for example and hes always one of my favorites. I sold Opal Magic after 1 day and I used him in every 2k. Position locks and badging being locked changed everything.

To everyone here play tournaments, use theme teams, budget squads etc to keep things fresh.

This All Time Tourney has 21 people and starts Wednesday. We’ve already had some scrims and its been fun. Never thought using a Sapphire this late could be fun lol


I know I may be a minority on this, but I honestly thinks that this is the best MyTeam since 2016!

I boycotted the game until late January because of the tone of glitches from last year, but after getting it I must say that finally 2K has done something right by introducing the position lock.

Even if the game is broken and more and more op cards drop every week, I still have the feeling of playing an actual basketball game! And at the end of the day I play 2K because I love basketball… the things and line ups we saw dominating the court last year were an insult for every true fan of the sport.

Don’t know how others think about, but I really love the mod this year and will play it till the very end of the cycle :slight_smile:


Yep. I play a bit of NHL right now, love playing in a club with my friends and goofing around on there lmao. I get knocked around a shit load on there bc my player is like 5’11 for a sniper lolol. I rebought rare replay to play bc i love Conkers bad fur day lol

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Not my favorite 2k , but honestly finding mostly budget guys who fit my playstyle instead of my normal godsquad every year has been fun


I have really enjoyed this year so far.

I liked the evo cards, I like position locks, this is the first year I have enjoyed playing online (TTO only) but the giants have killed that for me.

I like that they have started adding more offline content through the year, just needs that one step further

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I’m excited about the tournament, but other than that it’s getting old. I didn’t even play yesterday. I’ve been doing this since 2K16 and I’m needing a change.

I’ll probably sell off my top cards and just see what comes in May. I’m super pised that TLoU2 got delayed!

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I play mycareer just as much as I play myteam, so right now I’m still enjoying it

Yeah I know I said Id play the whole cycle but when the TLOU2 hits I might be done. Im pissed as well it was delayed hopefully its for the better.

Cyberpunk comes out in September so 2k will have to battle for my attention for the first time in years lol

It indeed feels stale. Pretty much same stuff gets repackaged and sold every year.
2K desperately needs new product lead for MyTeam.

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Not at all, I am in a closed group on PC and can always get a game that doesn’t involve the stress and cheese of MTU.

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You know why a part of this game this year feels stale. We don’t have the legendary 2KG Champs of the month where the 2KG (of PC, PS4, Xbox) have to face off against the challenger


That too. That’s why I’m trying to get some tourneys popping. Its mid April and we haven’t had 1.

After this all time tourney were getting the God Squad and Budget Squad tourneys going.

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Yeah I’m hoping we can start Xbox soon, I might be planning on doing what DaNali did for PS4 once I’m done with my semester in college


Myteam has two online game modes. And cards are not content. It’s assets already on the disc accessible in other modes. Just because they move some numbers around and slap a still image doesn’t make it new.

This company has been playing us suckers for years hoping we don’t know how to use roster editor and online my league


Yeah I agree they really have to get more creative with promos and ways to play online if they’re gonna keep the mode alive. I think they also have to stop over saturating the market with op cards.

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I think the spotlight sim challenges are a good start for offline content. I don’t mind grinding and they’re pretty rewarding if they do more stuff like that I would be happy

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I deleted the game a month ago… right before spotlights came out, been playing 19 when I wanna get my basketball fix, so much less stress and I’ve only been getting mad at little things and not missing open jumpers lol

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