Is the hakeem and Ralph duo actually good?


For sure, especially if they have shoes.
Getting Ralph with an LQ shoe would make him unfair on defense, and Hakeem w/ either a speed/ 3pt shooting shoe would be great too.

I have an Hakeem with a Diamond Lateral Quickness shoe to play him at the 4 and they are Amazing !

Both capable of shooting the open 3, but mostly on defense they are a nightmare to play against, you can’t just pass both of them in the paint so There is Always an Elite Shotblocker under the basket :wink:

Should I get rid of mchale or Malone to run the duo. Both diamonds and the duo would be off the bench

Ask @Manulous

Lol sorry buddy I still love you

Depends who you prefer to play with. I’d get rid of McHale but that’s only my opinion

Damn I had no idea Hakeem’s price went up by a lot. I’m still gonna get it

I had the duo I was disappointed they never grabbed boards for me. Now I have Amy Deandre and I’m never looking back

find Hakeem with some diamond Curry’s and Ralph with some blue Jordan’s and the duo would be pretty good.

Yes the duo raised Hakeem price ! You Can still find some below 20k with a Diamond shoe when you’re lucky