Is the game completely broken?

Haven’t played in ages. Went to do the DWade challenge for tokens. Said an opponent couldn’t be retrieved and I lost the contracts.

Also, my lost auctions MT is stuck in the auction house and can’t be redeemed.

What a piece of shit game

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Yes game is broken

People who give this company money by buying VC are more so




Are any game modes playable?

60% of the time, they’ve been working every time :+1:t3:


When the servers went to die on thursday, I knew that we’d go the entire weekend with the servers being awful. Tomorrow morning will be the earliest that anything is done to fix this mess.

Myteam unplayable for me. Can’t use the AH at all, error when trying to sell players. Myleague online only mode I been able to play for few months now.

The ONLY reason I’m playing MyTeam this year is because MyLeague Online Fantasy Drafts are 100% broken. I’ve had so many leagues ruined because of this.

The entire game is broken

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It’s just absolutely unreal. What other kind of multi-million dollar business could be a complete broken shit show, only for their staff to just say “fuck it, we’re taking the weekend off”. Bunch of fuckin’ crooks, man. I simply can’t believe that the NBA just signed a huge new deal with these incompetent pieces of shit.

Defense is beyond broken. Then again, 2k has been ignoring the obviously broken paint defense since I started MyTeam in 2k16. Has to be intentionally bad.

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all my won auctions and mt is unredeemable as well. :frowning:

That’s the least of their problems. I can’t even start a game in any myteam mode

How are things now?

Yes. It will be broken for the remaining 2 months! Current status = back to being some shit as of 1pm eastern

Mobile games run smoother than this wet turd

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Still broken tonight?