Is the Duo Domination agenda goal glitched?

Tried to do it w mitchell and gobert coming off the bench and it didn’t register. Then I tried giving minutes to them in the next game and it still didn’t work

That’s next weeks challenge. There’s a lock on it

No it’s week 1: 2nd quarter, its unlocked after you do week 1: 1st quarter. I did the other 2nd quarter challenges just not this one

Oh shit, just noticed that it says 2nd quarter lol. There’s a lock on it tho, so I don’t think those are available to do yet, or have you done any of the other 2nd quarter challenges ?

I have, it unlocks after u do 1st quarter. I have 3/4 done for 2nd quarter, it’s just the duo domination one I’m missing

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For me it worked once I played them in game

I just tried with Fox and Bagley and nothing. Ill try starting them to see if it works

Worked for me with kat and russell


U started them?

yeah i did

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Cool trying that now cause i got the duo xbox achievement but not the in game 2k xp.

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Worked with Luka and Porzingis

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You have to start them


I started Kat/Russell too and it worked

Confirmed starting Jokic/Murray worked.