Is sga worth?

I have d rose and gilbert right now ? which 1 should i replace

There is a thread right here you can direct your question too instead of making a new thread :slight_smile:

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people started talking about other stuff

Did you read the thread at all ? I’m sure you could gather a lot of information. I didn’t see you post in that Thread at all tbh. No need to create new threads to see if you want a try a new.card. There is literally a thread dedicated to this exact card. Use it :slight_smile:


Gilbert= Range
Rose= Range
Sga= No Range
So no


Second that

Tell me, can this SGA post spin Lowry’s to oblivion? :thinking: :thinking:

Only an 80 Dunk. I’ll stick with Rose and Wall. I am looking to replace Wall though. I like my PGs to have a 90+ dunk. But I have to be patient. I’m not ripping packs or buying mt.

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Most likely not. Lowry has an 80 strength. 2nd highest as a pg in the game lol