Is sapphire TMac worth badging up?

I’ve been using him on my budget lineup and he’s been killing it but I’m not sure if I want to commit the MT to him. Is he worth slapping a shoe on and grabing badges? Any suggestions would be appreciated

If you like him and aren’t MT poor, why not? Who knows when that next level TMac will come out?

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I have him badged and foamed

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I have Tmac and saphire DJ badged shoed and balling

yeah man if you like a card why not? especially if you aren’t hurting for mt. I’ve got my mo pete fully badged with red kyries lol. he still gets solid minutes and produces like crazy.

Sapphire Tmac is 92-95 with badges lol

How good are the other cars you play around him and how does he stack up against your best cards? I’m not MT poor but I’m not rich at the moment either so I’m trying to make a good investment in what I hope will be a solid contributor to my squad

Is he really that good? Are there any top tier cards you would compare him to?

What kind of cards are you playing him around and how does he stack up against your best? He’s beem hooping for me without badges or shoes but he’s been a bit inconsistent

ive had the game for two days and i can safely say this card is going to be on my team for a while and ill probably start badging him once i get more through dom.

solid card all around, the 81 block is also super noticeable on defense

Basically an Amy/Diamond offensively with no defense

How do you play him/where do you hide him? PG, SG, or SF?

i may give badging him up a shot. I need another wing to go along with Jimmy and MoPete off the bench so I can run Tracy at the 1 2 or 3 with how flexible Jimmy and Mo are.

I’d compare him to diamond tmac last year

Just not as fast

Like what? Diamond Tmac from last year has almost 700 more attribute points and 10 HOF badges compared to none. This card would cost 400k+ rn vs. 4k for this saphire. Not even in the same universe.

Bro I played 750 games with diamond tmac. Hes almost just as good, def better than the amy. I have phones on mine tho and hes obviously badges. Just missing the defense.

Penny / Tmac / Grant / Rashard / Dwight

Team magic lol

I try not to force shots and let the offense come to him but when that diamond comes out…different story

Did you really have to say that. Bro it’s a Sapphire you didn’t have to take it 100% seriously

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