Is Posterizer worth using on PD Iverson?

Have dimer, shooting badges, bruiser and DStopper on him.

Trying to decide between Posterizer and Rim Protector. I have been playing with Posterizer on him and he gets to the rim pretty well with the basic dunk package when need, but he isn’t really dunking on anyone…more like when he gets a step on guys.

Thanks for any help.

I put it on him and dunks pretty regularly for me. I thought that rim protector would be the bigger waste.

They are pretty cheap badges I guess I could just play with rim protector on for a week and see what happens.

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Do you, my guy. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Yes. put that on him and try use the elevator 3 play form the Lakers/Warriors Playbook
Call this play for your SG (who has 3pt plays. I use Klay start and Peja as back up). You will pass ball to your PF, and then PG will cut to the basket. It’s pretty good VS CPU, like 90% success rate. And on MTU you can use this to caught your opponent off guard

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Iverson every year dunks way better than his attributes suggest. I guess if you put Posterizer it would help even more

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Yes, and I suggest the diamond Currys that boost driving dunk and steal.

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I put some 25 K three point shoes on him to get him to 97 three form 90 along with my coach. Seeems to be a lot more consistent shooting threes now.

Is water in a hose pipe useful? I think you have your answer. Enjoy AI.

I’ve tried with both shoes and didn’t notice any difference to his 3 ball. He hits them best off the screen in PNR or pulling up on the break when he’s open. I’ve really started hurting people with his midrange game, however.

His mid range game is crazy, almost never misses and is a snake in there.