Is pink diamond dwyane wade any good?

Hey just coped him for 100k flat w/ contract and shoe wanted to know if he’s any good

Yes lol literally everyone praises this card

was that a good price cuz it seems like they all sellin for 100k rn

Haven’t been on 2k in a few days so I can’t tell you if that was a W or not

thanks anyway bro

That’s about what he goes for

Good value with the contract and shoe tho

I got him for 90-100k a couple of weeks ago. He goes up and down. But 100k I don’t think is bad. Everyone likes the card, great shot, great defense, has ame floor general as well. I didn’t have any issues with the card aside from height, but hes a great all around pink diamond. Now the opal thats a completely different animal.

He is outstanding. One of the best and quickest shots in the game, great dribbling animations, good defender, and plays bigger than his size.

Hes worth 400k.

Thats a steal.




i swear i just seen 4 sell for 100k. He has no pick dodger, no dimer (since he was my backup one), and gold range. why would he be worth 400k?

Im talking about his REAL Value. lol Hed be 400k if everyone knew he was a 6-4 Thanos.

He can patty cake

Or jump rope

Maybe it’s hopscotch I don’t remember


I assume @Kobe6Rings is referring to the offensive production that the card can have in the right hands. :upside_down_face:

If you know how to do the hesi cancel dribble shot then yes he plays above that value. If you are skilled he’s a 200k card easily. If you don’t know how to do that, then he’s worth no more than 40k. He’s undersized and not the strongest dunker for the price. Now if you know how to hesi cancel and have learned his shot release. He can instantly go 6/6 from 3 or create easy scoring opportunities on offense in a blink of an eye.

Call it the shitty boo boo I dont care what it is called it goes in and you cant contest it. Lol


If you put some work with him he is a top 2 play sharp in my team ( dribble and shoot )

If you’re a peekaboo abuser he worth 250+. If not , then you can buy better cards for 100k. It’s all about how you play the game.

thanks for the advice. I’ll put some work in on freestyle and see how I feel about him. off the off-ball screen so far he’s making everything and his dunking hasn’t been a problem for me rn. he’s been a knockdown freethrow shooter in the clutch and can pass well I just wish he had some typa dimer