Is Pink Diamond Coach Boost different than Diamond?

Is it still +5, if so then what are their purpose?

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Dunno about right now but, with 2K22, PD Coaches were +6, and DI Coaches were +5. GO Coaches +8.

Have the bonuses been changed this cycle?

I dont know. I just see that you can get a PD coach for locking in coaches.

If it’s the same as 2K22, then PD Coaches give +6, +1 more than Diamond.

But I just looked on 2KDB and they have PD Coach Jerry West as giving a +5 like DI Coaches, so…:person_shrugging:

As of now it’s +5 so it seems way not worth it to lock in all that MT on overpriced coaches right now.

Last I checked +5 Diamond Monty Williams is not that expensive. Can get him from the auction house if you don’t want to grind unlimited for him.

And if I really needed a 3 point boost for your centers I rather wait till they fix the domination reward coaches. And just use the +4 perimeter centric Lenny Wilkens. I am still waiting for 2k support to send me Lenny.

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