Is Pink Diamond Charles Oakley worth it?

I am currently running a budget squad w/ 1061 tokens and I am on the Diamond Board with 4 cards to go before I unlock the PD Board. I have been looking at Charles Oakley and I have been contemplating whether to go for him or not as my center because of the lack of competent budget centers. Any one used him and how was he?

Diamond Maxi Kleber is your answer, try him out man


I expect him to have XP this season

I have him, and he’s not bad, but he didn’t make my lineup. I don’t remember liking his jumper or thinking his sigs were anything special. He has good defensive badges, and isn’t bad though. Haven’t used him in a while, and would recommend Draymond/Dino over if you can afford him.

He’ll be good for a PD only Limited weekend IMO. or something like Knicks only libe up etc. They all have their advantages at times IMO. I find him good for offline grinding.

I have Oakley, and he is just average. Release is on the slower side, with a small green window. Great defender though. But like what @ACMRmuki said, Maxi is so good for his price around the 10k range

He’s a super fun card for a free card, he does Everything a card with his height badges and attributes would do, he doesn’t go to a crazy elite tier or anything but if you gotta pick up his Pd anyways moving forward in the pd board then nkrhjnf wrong wirh getting him and having some fun

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I already do have him, he’s my starter

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Thanks for your comments, will definitely help!

I redeemed him for the hell of it. Tried him in glitched dom and he was pretty damn good. He wouldn’t make my team but hes a good card.

Yeah as a guy that just likes to collect cards and use them for the fun of it, Oakley is nice. Usable online for sure. Not near my best team but is a guy that can more than hold his own

Very useful if you are short on Knicks players for various offline grinding.