Is Petrie better than Strickland?

I’m one token away from my first selection off the Amy board. I’m leaning toward Petrie but Strickland is my backup. For anybody that’s used both do y’all think Petrie is better? Should I keep Strickland and grab somebody else?

Haven’t used both, but Strickland is probably the most underrated card in the game.

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Larry Hughes at the 1 is better than both.

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I actually never thought of putting him at the one. I loved him but had to take him out of my lineup due to no 3pt plays. He’s got the playmaking for it right? His defense is top notch, can shoot as well. I might have to try that.

Edit: Wow and he’s got pnr ball handling plays gg

Strickland is a beast for his price. I like Petrie too. For my weekly challenges I use Strickland as my starter and Petrie off the bench

Petrie jumpshot is terrible

You don’t think his release is weird?