Is PD wade still worth it having the duo with shaq

i have shaq locked in for KAJ anyway
i run big starting pg anyway so its kinda fun having the wade shaq combo off the bench
Anthony Edwards is out today and i heard hes comparable to opal wade
is a anthong edwards + Gasol/Mchale/Drob combo better than Shaq and wade?

Ion think so man

At this point you can run Wiseman and Edwards

How much are those guys?

Wiseman 350k should be 2 mil

And Idk about Edwards

Update Edwards is 180k

This is Xbox

Thanks. Wiseman that good?

Lord yes.


Im guessing his price on PS4 is probably around 400-500k? I havent opened up the game yet

I picked up Wiseman for 330k about an hour ago on PS4.

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Better than Kareem

between Wiseman and Embid, who are you going with?

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1,000% Wiseman.

Better than Goat Reem?!? Please explain.

Better handles , on par Release. 350k

1 million percent wiseman lmao

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Yeah, that’s more accurate :joy:

What’s crazy is that Embiid is very, very nice… it’s just that Wiseman is absolutely ridiculous by every and any measure.

Only if you pick and roll with Shaq peeak aboo with wade :smirk:

First game in mtu

I wanna see what this Wiseman talking about myself

Edit : Wrong thread sorry

He’s way better pick dodger and hof range alone. Wiseman way better than Shaq