Is PD Spotlight Sim Pascal Worth it? FULL Breakdown


Great review as always and perfect motivation to help me push thru the last 3 series. Don’t know how/if I’ll make it to harden


Haven’t watched it yet, but watched some other videos of you
You’re the only one showing animations a card got.
I don’t need gameplay run and gun and chuck shot videos.
For me this kind of freestyle videos are the only stuff I want to see. A bit too long for me personally, but helpful for a lot other people. So a big thank you for doing breakdowns like this


Exactly. I was doing two teams a day and got Ingram Friday. Since then I’ve played a whole 4 games of the east. After getting BI I’m just burnt. Pascal/Harden gonna take me at least twice as long.


I’m burnt too. But I really wanna try out that harden cuz I loved his pink diamond earlier in the year. I’m aiming for 2 a day but I will try to do 3 since I’m home with no work lol
How’s Ingram?


Harden was my favorite card when his PD was fairly new. Love his cards in 2k. Ingram is definitely an improvement over the 97 I used for a while. I’m definitely much more consistent greening his shot with this 98. He’s super solid all around for sure. Love his animations. Can’t really play PF though. Not strong enough or a good rebounder.

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