Is PD KG really that bad?

Obviously the card is not a Galaxy Opal, so it’s not fair to compared him to the GO. Let’s look at the Pros and Cons:


88 Speed
88 Acceleration
90 Driving Dunk
94 Post Moves
94 Interior D
87 LQ
HOF C&S, QD, HOF Hot Zone, Flexible
HOF Downhill
HOF Intimidator, Post Move, Rebound, Rim, Def. Leader


77 3PT
86 Strength
80 Draw Foul
65 Ball Handle
65 Steal
87 Off Rebound, 89 Defensive Rebound
No HOF RE, Clamps, Brick Wall, QFS, Dropstepper.

I feel like he’s still a usable PF (maybe not C because of 86 strength). Or am I just being a biased fan who is disappointed that his only end-game card is behind a very expensive pay wall?

I think as budget cards (free cards), all of them are decent in their own ways… but if you compare KG to other players in the market that are available (and cheap players at that), he’s not great.

Hopefully he plays better than his stats suggest. He’s first on my list tho

I mean hes a free PD just gotta take the time to grind for him. His evo at the start of the year was great then so I hope this one is too


i tried his stats out on play now kg and hes really solid. dribbles are rough but i found a momentum dribble and a half court speedboost even without 86 ball handle. release is butter and hes quick down the floor

Well, it’s not about his shooting, since his release is so bad and slow that I bet even the opal can’t be a reliable shooter…

It’s rather the lack of hof QFS when even Jared Fudley gets it, the lack of hof brick wall and hof clamps, that is now given even to the worst defenders ever.

I don’t know, the amethyst was super good for me in the beginning, I don’t know about this one

Element, your Celtics’ fan is showing.

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I really enjoy the Opal. Obviously he’s a different beast, but I can at least attest to his release being absolutely fine, and his player model and animations allowing him to function as a KG should - finishes incredibly well… idk I always see his opal being downplayed or hated on and I seriously just don’t get it.

This PD KG is definitely usable online. He has a good player model, is athletic and is a defensive beast. You could use him to play a role as a defensive-minded C that can hit the occasional three

I have him as around the 20th best card in the set

Why not just lock for the real KG? Whats 100 dollars of MT in the grand scheme of life?

As someone who doesn’t have either of their Opals, KG and Dr J will be my first two done.

As someone with GO Duncan, Josh Smith, Worthy, Wilt, Sabonis, why would I lock a set for KG that’s gonna eat up a ton of MT and kick a very usable card out of my lineup? Plus I have tokens waiting for the next drop. I’m planning on getting KG anyway, he’s free so I can rotate him in and out and not feeling bad for not using him since I invested so much in him. The only card I would lock a set for would be an Opal Pierce because I always have to get the best version of him.

So 2K don’t get any ideas about a Pierce promo set reward :joy:

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Would you have done if it was the Celtics version?

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No, I don’t care much about that. I don’t like locking sets because no card stays unique and something comparable and free or at least very affordable always comes out not that long after. Some people don’t even use KAT or KG, nevermind Dwight, Bill Russell, etc. it would have been so much better to keep your MT liquid… or in my case I usually try to sell any MT I come up with and just use reward cards which this year are better than ever

Pascal plays above his stats for me

Kg might be better than we think


Can confirm, this KG is nice. Moves well, I don’t mind his jumpshot, defense is good, feels like he is rebounding better than his stats. Shooting badges help with the low 3PT. Nice post moves as always. I feel like as far as a KG card goes in the era of GO’s he is like a B+ card.


Just wanted to say welcome back @ItsShake4ndbake

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