Is pd hakeem worth?

is he worth it over pd kaj, jokic, oden, cousins ?

My free 96 is def worth it over them


No. Id run all those cards over him. Except oden. Fuck oden haha


I thought oden was better than jokic. Also u think go kawhi is worth trying to get if i alrdy have go pg13

Yes if u have the mt and I think depending on your play style and what u use your center for Hakeem is the best true center in the game

Personally id rather kawhi

But im biased

I just have no fun running a card like oden. Dude never even really played any meaningful games in the nba. And jokic is way better as a ball distributor. Which i like in a big man

this is my current lineup

replace bird with go pg13 and bird is now my backup 3. are any of the new cards worth getting for my current lineup

Hakeem instead of oden for sure but if u have enough for kawhi too then get home as well

I tried him in a 12-0 run. Even with the added speed lateral quickness boost and 3 Ball. He still didnt feel that reactive on d, i prefer cousins

over hakeem ?

Yeah i have wilt and cousins

ok n whats your thoughts on GO kawhi, nash, mcculm. I alrdy have GO pg13 and pd bird and KD

First game i had with whi i dropped 33. Go pg was guarding him…

Won’t find the answer until tomorrow

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with who ?

Hakeem is one of the best Centers on the game I think. I got lucky and pulled him. Now would I spend 200K on him? No. Because there are other Centers going for cheaper.

would u say jokic oden and cousins can compete against him

I think 100K is a good price for Hakeem. 200K is not an outlandish price, like I would rather pay 200K for Hakeem than 350-400K for Nash but at same time if you have a Boogie or Nikola Jokic I don’t think u necessarily need to have Hakeem.


*gets popcorn ready as thread blows up then gets shutdown…