Is PD Grant Hill still the move?

Ahhhh it’s finally time lol. I know i’m very late to the party, but it’s time to pick my first PD Reward. With all the new cards we have tho, i’m not so sure about my first choice.

Was going to go Grant, but it seems everyone only picked him because he’s great to run at point. I have Magic, Penny and even the new Bron and Pip if i wanted to go that route… is Hill still the best option?

Otherwise, how does Timmy play? While I’m also pretty set at that position, I really enjoyed the PD Duncan last year… if this one is anything like that, I’d be happy.

Finally, I’ve heard Mt. Mutombo is a beast. I used his Amy for a lot of my reg Dom run, and he killed it. And the latest addition Rick Barry had ppl excited until Duos/ Moments/LeBron took over… i don’t think I’ve ever used him in game.

Any suggestions?

It depends on your line up
but Hill is usually the first move



If you dont use Grant at the 1, I wouldnt pick him 1st.

Wow, you have Duncan below Pierce? What don’t you like about him?

At this point of the game either you choose mutombo or barry.

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He’s slow & cant hit open 3’s w any consistency. He’s a beast in the post, but theres so many options that are better imo. Porzingis being 1 of them.

Pierce has the best post fade in the game imo, but his release is slow & so is he.

Barry is the perfect 2 guard.

Hill is the perfect PG

Mutombo is just so good…I cant explain it.

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Interesting! It’s down to Hill or Mutombo for me then… i appreciate the feedback yall.

Shame about Timmy tho… his pd last year was pretty dope

Don’t listen to anyone. Close your eyes and pick a card. Just tap the select button twice after scrolling aimlessly and that card will be what you need.


You could just sell Penny & get Hill. He’s so much better than Penny. His dribble moves & drives to the basket are as good as anyones or better. Sick animations. I added the white PG 3 ball shoe & he’s my backup PG until a better Oscar comes out.

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Interesting indeed! Shit that sounds like the move bro. Hill first, Mr. Finger wag himself next.


Bout to try him in some fantasy dom!! Need to grind these Tokens back up lol

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Out of all the PD rewards I’ve definitely got the most out of Hill. Mutombo and Duncan sit at the end of my bench and are only used for situational purposes, although Duncan has won me a couple of games with his very limited playing opportunities


Any suggestions for a shoe? I wish there was a contested 3 shoe that also boosted swb and pass accuracy lol. Those are the 3 areas i want to boost, but looks like i’ll have to pick 2

I use the orange Jordan cp3, they do swb, lateral , ball control and contested 3( I think) just check the last 1

Btw his moving crossover is pretty op, that’s why I use him as my backup pg

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Awesome, thx a lot bro

I personally hate that pierce card so hes last out of all them for me so far. I love mutumbo and duncan and hill though. Im getting barry next tho

I took Pierce as my second PD after Duncan and I wish I had take him first. He’s a tremendous slasher, nice dribble moves and release (PG13 esque), great playmaker and a knockdown shooter once you get a coach/shoe boost going. Very good defender too, gets me a ton of steals and position wise he’s always in the right place, the only thing is they did him dirty with a low shot contest.

If you’re looking for more of a shooter though then I would say to go with Rick Barry. Smooth release, HoF Difficult Shots and better shooting stats all-around than Hill. Looks like a pretty great defender too. Pierce I never really liked as his release was too slow against good opponents online, making his HoF shooting badges go to waste. Great post fadeaway and strength though so if that’s your style, then he’s a solid choice.

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Pass Accuracy isn’t too big of an issue for Hill in my experience, even when I was running him at PG at the beginning of the year. 3 point shoe is definitely the move IMO, so PG13s or Foams will boost that and shot contest. SWB is nice and all but I find that if you’re taking contested 3s with Hill, then you’re not using him at his best potential. Slashing playmaker first, shooter second.

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I play Duncan at the 5.

He’s a beast defender, beast in the post, and he hits every open 3 for me. If he gets matched up with someone like Porzingis just dropstep him until he changes the matchup and brings a real big .

Pierce release is awful, and there’s 15 wings better than him for cheap.

I think as far as PD Rewards go it’s Duncan/Barry > Mutombo/ Hill > Pierce > Stockton