Is PD gobert worth 50K

as title

No, 40k is a good price (PS4). One can only guess what platform you on. :roll_eyes:

PS4 40k is good. Can sometimes snipe one for 30ish if you’re quick. Don’t pay 50 though. You’ll see enough for 40

idk which is better,wilt or gobert. ps4 platform

can @2KGamer add a badge to show the platform ?

Is it too much to write 3 letters? smh

You want help, then at least provide the necessary information. Platform can already be set in the 2kgamer profile.

i just forgot to mention the platform. really thanks for your remind.

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Wilt is better, but gobert is cheaper and still solid.

You can choose your platform in your profile setup, but it’s more helpful if you just put it in the message as people won’t really go searching for that kind of info

Get him! Nothing like some idiot not letting us know his platform!

OP - This is sarcasm. This dude could have just told you how much on his platform.

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Don’t have to be a douche

? ? sorry guy, my English is bad. I just show my appreciation to @FlyingMonk sincerely. Donot get me wrong.

thanks bro. seems wilt is 70k+ on ps4 now. I will see if i can get a snipe for wilt with around 60k


I did like Gobert a lot. He was my locker code.