Is PD curry viable? how do you hide him?

I picked him up at this point im just trying new players, how do you guys use him effectively?

Put him at SG

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which playbook ? i know the magic and spurs playbooks but i think ppl have figured those plays out by now

I don’t really run plays though. Just high P&R.

PD Curry isn’t viable. Since kicking him out my win percentage is nearly 70%>

I got rid of him. I just don’t hit enough threes to justify using him. I changed my entire lineup and have been winning a lot with it.

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If the card’s price is way too low for its status, 1 of the 3 things can be true: a) he’s not much better than his previous version/doesn’t justify his price to be higher, b) the market is overloaded with the card, or c) he just isn’t that good for the majority of Supermax players. But nonetheless, if you can make him work, his price justifies itself for you.

How well do you guys curry think would do at the 2 with PD magic at 1?

I’d say he does pretty well next to Magic. HOF Dimer makes any Curry pretty nice, but especially PD. Running him off the bench is almost a must IMO (if your starters get to the rack), and I prefer playing him at the 2. PD Curry intercepts/bothers a lot of passes there.

He’s also more likely to get out on the break and get wide-open pull-up jumpers at the 2. You basically HAVE to either do that (or run him off screens) to get him open, as close-outs from 6’10" dudes make his shots register as heavily contested when they’re 5 feet away, and you can be “smothered” from behind after getting by somebody. Curry’s pull-up is a lot faster than his standing shot, and seems to drop at a higher rate (probably due to registering as “wide open” more often).

PD Curry, in particular, feels a lot faster and stronger than any other one (I’ve used every Curry this year except his ruby and signature series). He doesn’t get bullied, and he was stripping (95) LeBron earlier this afternoon for me.

You probably want to run him with other amethysts/diamonds/PD (rather than setting him up as an EQ team centerpiece), but if you get any enjoyment from chucking limitless 3s with the one guy who should actually make them more often than not, he can get you 30 a game w/o being too much of a mark on defense.


When my opponents start zigzagging around and hitting cheesy step backs with Curry from deep I give amethyst Giannis the call up from the bullpen and shut his ass down real quick, i love it.

Yeah, I used to hate seeing Giannis when I ran Curry at point. I don’t zig-zag or stepback too much (big-time P&R, with some 3PT plays in for good measure), and for the longest time, would avoid taking moving 3s with anybody. My 3PT% would still be garbage b/c of the close-out point from my last post. You can use Curry for a quick 9, and if the opponent comes in with a straitjacket like Giannis, either use Curry as a decoy (and take advantage of Giannis’ lack of shooting on the other end) or just get him out of there.