Is PD Curry getting expensive after patch?

These past days he was around 200k -220k and now I’m seeing him at 300k. I actually love to play with him, feels unique and fun :slight_smile:

I luckily got him at 220k, seems like these small guards value might be going up


Same, I got him at 230k

still see him in low 200s on xb1

He is still not very strong or big. Strength and large player models still are crucial for stopping blow by animations.


I scooped him shoe and contract for 220k last night… mans a beast i love his dribble animations

He at 214k on xbox

Mine sold for 233k two days ago. I have a feeling all the pgs in this collection are going to be cheap. PG is about to be crazy expensive. Amd probably amazing too.

I feel like that D Rose will go for more then all of the point guards, cuz hes a all around goon

He’s still sub 200k on Xbox. Just too many good shooters this year who can do everything that Curry can do and more

Luckly I packed him twice sold the first one for 550 (2nd in the AH) and keeping the second one until I get GO Giannis if I ever make it that far…

What makes PD curry unique? He’s basically a taller Jimmer.

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I just pulled him . . . I think I’m going to hold him for GO Shaq.

They can’t shoot as him despite the stats.

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Animations, release, dribble package, range,

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I’m lucky I didn’t get him at all

And now rose coming so his price should go down even more

I pulled him right now and after test him, and remember a few TTO matches against that beast, I can say he is a lot better than Fredette.
I don’t know if tendencies mean something here, but definitely that Curry hits more 3s than any card in the game.
His turbo+flick up R-Stick, crossover into moving shot is automatic.

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I actually don’t like Curry’s release much. I’ll take base 11, Bird, Klay, KD and Melo over him any day of the week.

I got him with shoe for 167 yesterday. I must have been on during an event cuz 30 mins later he was 227 plus lol