Is PD Bird worth the big mt price tag?

Havenn’t used his pd card yet but wondering if he’s worth the price! Currently I am running diamond kawhi so wondering if it’s worth the upggrade.

Yes 100%

How much is he

320k mt ish

One of my favorite cards and also one of the only cards that have HOF Lockdown, DRD, and Limitless Range.

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Not an ounce of regret. To me, he’s a great upgrade over pd bron/pippen/kawhi

I wanna pick him back up when hes below 250k again

He’s really great. And unique.

But there has to be good new cards released this week. As soon as they’re about to get released, look to get a Bird at a discount

He misses too much for some with maxed out shooting for me. Ive bought and sold him about 4x since he came out. Just not a fan of his release anymore.

I will pick up again when he drops to 200k. 2 weeks or so?

It just depends. I would say if u do not have any small forwards who can really shoot a lights out 3, then yes. At the time Bird came out there just weren’t many cards that could shoot the 3 but now there are more.

Get KD instead imo better than bird.


Doesn’t miss open shots with a decent release

Nah you put larry and KD on the floor together, then you set

yes worth it

bird is opal quality card


Nope wait for PG

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