Is Paul Pierce worth a buy?

I thinking about to buy Diamond Pierce.
I’ve used all popular SF -except his diamond.
I try Amy few games and is a very good card for me…
Pierce is not so common at the AH,so his price(180-200k) looks little bit high compared with Kawhi’s orTatum’s other way.
Is he really worth?
Can he play at SG?
I had PD Bird,but I can mive him at PF…
Any suggestions apriciiated!

Tbh man, I’ve tried all sorts of SFs. The best is personally Lebron but Grant Hill is amazing at the 2 or 3. He clamps up, good release but his driving animations are insane.

Yah,i know that Lebron is probably a best card, but I like run’s different players time to time,especially at this stage of the game.
Is Hill fun to use?
Ratings and bages wise looks outdated a bit?

You’ve ran him at the 2? How well did that work for you?

I may be bias because I have the Red Kyries on Grant Hill. But I’ve been ripping apart teams in SM the past few rounds once I brought him back onto my roster. He’s the best dunker I’ve used all game. I dno why but he just gets the craziest animations.

He’s been a beast. With 85 strength and at 6’8 he just dominates the wing for me. He gets passed most defenders. He’s my Bench MVP. For his price. I highly recommend trying him at the 2.

Nice LU!
I definitely will! I’ve been looking to play different players now that I’m walking away from MT. I had Grant at the 3 and he dominated, I can only imagine that he’s insane at the 2. Should I try to grab one w/ a shoe? I remember his release being easy, but nothing wrong with a boost!

I’ll try Hill then.

That’s the thing! His release is so smooth (especially his moving shot!), however once you add up all the shooting badges and a diamond shooting shoe… He shoots like steph for me haha. If you have a PG with HOF dimer then expect greens. But honestly he’s been my most fun card. I hope you enjoy!

NP. I hope he works well for your team! I have no doubt you will fall in love with his dunking…

I played him at the 2 when i had him great card man his strength was a big plus smooth shot and great D

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I actually miss my Pierce card. I wish that I had room for him in my lineup because he’s very solid. He has a great release, clamps up, and has a post game. I put the yellow and purple diamond kobe dunking and mid game shoe on him to boot.

He’s incredibly underrated. Think another Larry Bird that you could play at the 2 or 3; vice the 3 or 4. I locked in PD KG; so I’ve had him on my bench for like 6-8 weeks now.