Is Opal Zion really going to be OP

I’ve seen a lot of comments on what we should expect tomorrow’s content to be. I have seen the New Generation and how OP Galaxy Opal Zion could be.But when you compare him to the demi Gods at the 4 and everybody is having 6’8-6’10 players at the 3 in myteam. Is he really going to be OP (Don’t forget he’s 6’6)

If he can play SG or PG he will definitely be usable, but I’m not sure he can get into S-Tier

Same thing i was thinking, if they make him a glitched PG/SG. I feel he’ll be more usable.

He’d be on the short side for a point guard in this mode. I’m thinking he’ll be useless after he’s out of packs a while

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He will be op (over priced)


Glitched PG or Bust. I’m not running him at the 4. He would be an okay SF though.

Glitched PG/SG makes the most sense but how much better would he be over PD Wes?



and no anti-Duke bias here. I really like Zion irl. I think he has the potential to be the face of the league one day and I welcome it. He’s just not 2K meta.


Not if he’s restricted to SF/PF. Too many giants at those spots for him to do any damage unless he’s on the break. I guess they could badge him like Kareem so he can back down bigger players, but 6-6 is tough in the post.

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Pg/sf with inflated stats, why not?

If he can play a guard spot I think he can be

Imagine 99 strength and all the HOF post badges at SG or PG with is big player model, he becomes a mismatch. Plus his release is easy money greens


exactly or even draymond.

Wes Unseld can matchup pretty well or draymond

Every card can do literally everything now, cant see why would be he that special.
But yeah, he is a trash defender irl, but in this game he will be a clamp god :slight_smile:

Imagine being Zion and the company you’re partnered with has to literally change your primary position to make you useable in game…

@Meazy615 tbh man. smh

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glitched PG/SG Zion would be different

@KhalilJames I really think wes Unseld might matchup well. Although, Zion’s release is cash.

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If they juice him, he should be PF/C, but have maximum athleticism. 99 Speed, Accel, Vert, strength, etc. I don’t think every card has to be a meta buster. Some guys I use just to have fun. If they glitch him to PG, hopefully it’s a front court secondary. Him only playing guard is gonna ruin my Duke lineup.