Is oden worth?

Is oden worth?

should i get oden to replace big z or bam ? if so who should i replace for oden

replace big z and bench bam

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If you can’t get PD Embiid

so bam as a backup center instead of big z ?

any 1 else have opinions

I really like him. Good tendencies, good jumper… Feels weird at first, but it isn’t. Big, mobile. Cheap.
really good option for c

Depending on your PF Love and Oden is not good fit Bogut or Noah is better

Bogut? Noah? With no shot? Better???

Why 4 can shot not need 1

I can hit 3 with Noah I’m just very good user Noah lmao

There is no alternate universe in which bogut or noah would be better than oden lol

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How I’m in top player with amty noah back in 2k18 beat PD oden

Idk if you are drunk or what but just… no lol

79 open? Good one Yao has too he can’t save his life shot 3 on 2K

Bogut is beast as Bucks he deversed PD card as Bucks verison with boost speed of course

who should ir eplace bigz or bam ? so i can use oden or are they both better than oden ?

Bam populism most center like/upvote in 2kmtc as well