Is MyTeam on PC cool?

About to sell my Xbox to get a stronger GPU for my PC, wondering if MyTeam on PC is playable? The mods alone made me want to make the switch, but I see that MT for PC is dirt cheap. I heard there are a lot of hackers and sometimes you can’t find matches. Is it worth it even playing?

Apparently online sucks but offline is good, and getting good players is easy

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I switched last week. You can get pretty much any card you want and if you want to but MT it’s sort ass cheap.

Online play has been pretty good so far. Out of 10 or so MTU games I’ve only had the DC glitch happen 2 times.

what GPU are you looking at

I have a old GTX 950 right now, I’ve pretty much upgraded everything in my PC except that so it’s about time.

My budget is around $300 or so, been doing research and it looks like either the GTX 1660 Super or the RTX 2060 are good options. What are you running?

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RTX 2060 is great :slight_smile:


I tried a couple of weeks ago and it took 5+ minutes to find a TTOnline game on east coast servers at 9PM. Would not recommend if you like playing online, thankfully steam gave me a refund

This is another reason why I’m sceptical. Is the player base that small? If it takes that long to find a game I’m assuming the auction house must be dead

Would not play there even if i got paid.

Have you guys tried using laptops or not?

Stay clear of park unless you wanna see a sneak peak of season four Stranger Things.



He does a hand stand and shoots+blocks shots with his feet :joy::joy:

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Yeah I don’t plan on touching park. Only MyTeam really and some offline mods, that’s it.

I had a gaming laptop but the framerates would drop horribly if the charger wasn’t plugged in. Not worth it at all


Yea I was running a really old GPU (R9 390). I went with the GTX 1660 Super Gaming X from MSI. If you mainly are gonna play esports that’s all you need. It’s incredible for the price.

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auction house isnt dead, but it’s different. Older cards are more rare, newer cards are more abundant and cheaper compared to Xbox

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apart from that there is no tournament on PC, everything else is giving you a better experience.
Better Graphics, cheaper MT, you can play with almost every card you want. Sometimes you will face cheaters going for the player of the month but that is more often the first 2-3 days of every month. But its ok. no real harm. People that say bad words for PC they havent be playing there recently. They just have unjustified opinions.

I scored this baby for 990 :slight_smile:


jesus that’s a lot of power for that price. I guess you snipe for PCs too! what are you playing on it?

Nothing too fancy, just gears of war. Actually CPU is better then the spec above (i7 9750h). I need a beast PC for virtualization for uni :slight_smile: Haha yah mate i could not believe it when i saw the price, bought it thru adverts web page from some small store and the pc was new. I like to buy fresh or even used stuff if i can come up with good deals.