Is Malone Still Worth Locking In?

The price of his collection is looking to be around 500k on PS4. Is it still worth completing and how does he compare to all the new Opals we’ve been getting?

He’s the best PF in the game (out of true PFs) and can do really well at the 3 but probably not worth locking if you don’t have the spare MT.

I locked yesterday when I got TMac for 100k but I had already had the rest of the set since the day it released and I’m good on MT.

Nah. Get Cowens. Save 400k


for 400k its a lock fo sho

No cuz centers are better at the 4 and there are better 3’s in the auction house like bird or lebron…so far only anni 3 is worth locking in because at least Paul George is a end game card while tmac isn’t

play him SF easy buckets. post up small dudes and pull up on slow dudes

Just got 2 tmacs off tto. Have the rest of the set already and sold 1 tmac. Lock set or sell it all while price is high?

Sell and wait for KG and Duncan.

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Sell tomorrow.

What’s the best time to sell

8-9am EST.

I’ll probably do that
Not a Malone fan anyway

Not the best post moves, no post takeover. It’s a good card with a good release but he is not Malone :man_shrugging:t2:

Moses>Karl. Moses also has post takeover, much cheaper, heavier and taller.

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Don’t do it. He’s on my bench. Moses Malone is better, he’s a true big man. Malones best suited at the 3 but will all these nice wings I’d honestly rather run a Larry or Kawhi or there.


I did it.

I got Malone early on and I’m not a huge fan of his , he is a lock down defender but too small to play pf and I don’t love his shot release. I basically use him as a 3 n D player now.

8-9 am est ? I thought best time to sell is like 8-10PM EST :see_no_evil:

Maybe on non weekend days.

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You think tmac will go above bin tomorrow/next day?