Is Magic worth the 300k price tag?

Now that he’s been out for a while and a few of you have been able to play him, I was wondering how he plays. I am currently sitting on just over 300k MT and I’m wondering if he’s worth the big chunk of MT. Will his price go down?

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I was wondering the very same thing… I have about 445k and an all Ruby/Amy squad… is it worth sinking that much MT into one player or improving the entire squad?

Just got him for 260 on Xbox. Crazy because ive been trying all day to get him and seeing him go for as much as 380.
But he is so smooth on the court and can do it all. I think he is worth it.

I’m smacking people in Unlimited by 30 points posting up with him every single play, he is the new King of rage quits.

I paid 1.2 million for the PD last year and that card was nowhere near as good as this card is.

I’ve had people pull up from damn near the logo and splash threes with him.

Nah make a wide array of improvements dont spend most of it on one guy

get granger instead

Get Oscar and granger

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Don’t spend on magic not worth if you’re team isn’t already good

Yeah his worth it he makes your whole squad better with hall fame dimer. Granger is good but just him. But magic is good and makes everyone better.


He’s the best PG in the game rn. And I think bc of bad pack odds, not too many ppl have pulled him out of packs like the previous promos. I remember PD KAJ and PD Blake’s flooded the market. A lot of ppl pulled them out of packs. Not sure, but I think his value will rise big time when he’s no longer pullable. I mean Blake was 160k when he was in packs n now almost to 300k.

nope. Aint no player worth 300k sorry


I wouldn’t spend 300k on one player, but he does make your whole team better. Probably won’t find 2-3 players to equal his impact

Wrong, plenty of cards will be worth 300k. Magic is 1 that is worth that now.

Buy him at 300K asap. His price is going up now is the chance to grab him low. PS4

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Wrong, he will get a better card down the line and this card will drop anyways. Especially a card that cant pull up from three and rain. this aint 2k18 bruh.

Its crazy that were paying 300k for cards. last year w3 had op pd harden and was 220k and felt like alot of mt for a 11 hof badged card lol

He’s a very good card but if my man has been saving up and he’s rocking all rubies and some amy then he shouldn’t cash out on one guy because magic isn’t a tmac/Giannis type player that can do everything and even if he was it’s more beneficial to just improve your team or save for an insane card

Cuz there was a glitch that brought his price down he was going for over a mil before the glitch


Yup your right, hes superior to those who know how to use him right and have experience. It be better to get a sharp shooter redd/jr smith for 100k or less and build a few other players up