Is limited d wade for 300k good?

Do y’all think I should upgrade I got the regular pd when it came out with open shot shoes for like 230 and I currently have a bid on wade for 310k just seen 2 end on less than 320k did he get patched or sum ?

I think people are realizing his real value


Pretty good deal. I kept missing from 3 with him even if i was releasing on his shot pretty well

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Yeah the reg pd with the shoe Shot pretty good for me with 3 balls I think he def needs a shoe for 3 point tho

Its sad when guys with 75 3 ball shoots better lol (giannis)

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Hes a beast though. I have Kobe and wade hits the most ridiculous moving shots, especially from 3.

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sounds like a great deal

never used wade but he seems crazy every time i’m against him in tto

dunk in your face, clamp on d, moving 3s

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Well I missed it for 300k smh don’t think I’ll pay more than that for the limited if it goes under I’ll def get it

My unlimited wade sold for 247,850 with nothing on him :smile: that’s a great deal for a limited version.

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since ur the bulls gm I hate u fire gar and pax smh

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Ps4 still 400k +

If you could get him for 3 then good on you, i got him for 5 and no regrets he’s so much fun. Most important thing to do is play with the players you enjoy.