Is lebron worth upgrade over magic?

Need to know? Might pick him up as I get killed by him every time I play him. It’s either a dunk or free throws every time. Have 340k rn but selling Tmac soon. Is bron that much better than magic?

I wouldn’t upgrade if I had 340k MT. Better to stick with Magic or pickup a cheap Glitched Ben.


He’s better than Magic but I’m not sure he’s worth the extra MT. Magic is still top tier to me

I have Magic and Bron and have almost sold Bron. Magic has better dribbles and better post moves.


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I’ve played a few Lebrons with Magic, and offensively Lebron is better. But Magic is a better playmaker for sure. They had problems guarding Magic with Lebron because he’s so quick and his running BTB is so cheesy.

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LeBron is a better scorer and defender but if it’ll leave you MT broke it’s not worth it. Just don’t have Magic guard Bron.

It won’t leave me MT broke.

Then go for it, LeBron is better