Is Lebron still in his prime?

Bron is still an amazing player and easily top two in the league rn, debatable between giannis. Although his athleticism has gone down over the years, his athleticism is still elite in the league. He had developed a pretty good and more consistent three-point shot in the Lakers whereas it was slightly worse when he was in the Cavs and the Heat. What do yall think?

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Kinda, kinda not


Not in his prime, still a top player in the league
Edit: but never underestimate LeBron James because we all know what he’s capable of in the playoffs

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Isn’t he averaging like 26/8/10 ?
Can he consistently do the over the top athletic things every game he did in his earlier years maybe… maybe not. But those numbers don’t lie. Defensively might be where he’s taken a step back if even.

No he’s not, but for him it’s a very slow decline out of his prime. He’s still going to be better than most Superstars in their respective ‘primes’ because of his physical gifts, durability and experience


He takes great care of his body, but there are a lot of miles on that frame. Father Time is undefeated; he’ll slip back to the pack eventually, but not for another couple years. I’d say he is on the downside of his physical peak, but just barely. His best bet is to model Kobe’s career and start trading some of those body-rattling drives to the hoop for jumpers.

His passing is so elite that he can continue to facilitate as he ages, but he’ll need more scheduled rest days from here on out. He’s at the point where he shouldn’t play more than 65-70 games a year just for maintenance and playoff prep, IMO.

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Nope, but with the care he does, I have yet to see anyone like him. Look at the top players of that draft, Bosh, Carmelo, Wade etc. They all done, Lebron still can put shit up if he wishes and is a highly sought after free-agent.

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Bron will past Kareem for the most points ever because he’ll be able to play into his 40’s and still produce numbers. He can easily become a PF Malone type with a good PG and PNR, or post fade to 20 points a night when his athleticism declines.


He’s about where '97-'98 Michael Jordan was. Not peak prime anymore, but still arguably best in the league.

Prime Lebron was basically his entire Heat tenure. It’s been a SLOW downhill from there though.

I’d say he’s about at the end of his prime, I would expect him to start regressing from here on out

I’ve always believed LeBron was one of the few players to have 3 different Primes
1st Prime LeBron

2nd Prime LeBron
3rd Prime LeBron

I say all that to say he is no longer in his prime, but he still the 2nd best player in the league behind Giannis

I will say that it’s amazed me he hasn’t had to transition to the post yet. I figured he would’ve lost a step by now. But yeah, he could definitely stretch a productive career a few extra years if he does that.

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I personaly find him better now than he was with the Heat. A little bit less athletic but he is a more established player. I’m not a LeBron fan

LeBron knows Father Time will win but he’s given his all to delay that time the longest he can… it’s starting to show, he doesn’t dunk as often or as hard as before, he knows when and where to exert his energy, he knows that all his energy should be given in the playoffs… but at the same time, one of the things that never goes away but if anything increases is his IQ, and that’s such an underrated part of the game

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Despite being a Bron stan, I think that he’s no longer in his prime. It’s crazy because he’s still the best player in the league (I don’t know why people think Giannis is better, dominating the conference that was “weak” when Bron was dominating it, with a far better/deeper supporting cast & coach), but Prime, to me, is the cross-section where Peak Athleticism meets Peak Basketball IQ. I think that was him during his second Cleveland stint.

Miami was his athletic Peak, but as we seen against DAL, his bag was very limited. He is still increasing his Basketball IQ so I think LA Bron is his mental peak, as shown by him being the best PG in the league this year, but Brute Force Bron isn’t as effective as it was in years past. 2nd stint Cleveland LeBron was the best of both worlds.


Yes, but can’t sustain his top tier level for as long as he did a few years ago. He reaches into his bag when he has to now. Like when they played Zion you could tell he got up for that one. The night before playing Nola they played in Memphis and he looked disinterested. Then the next night he had arguably his best game of the season.

I don’t see it. Heat Lebron was when the mental game and physical peak were at their highest combined. He was otherwordly.

As a LeBron fan, I have to sort of disagree with this, I’ll still say to this day that 2017-18 LeBron was the best offensive version we’ve ever seen from him.


Not in his prime but still better than a lot of stars that’s still in their prime (Westbrook, Harden, Dame, PG, etc.)

That’s fair. Still elite physically, then mentally he was at a new level

My vote would be 12-13 Lebron

27/8/7 looks like standard Lebron stats, but his efficiency was at its highest.

56.7% fg/40.6% 3P

64% TS

Led the league in PER, VORP, WS, OWS, BPM

League MVP, finals MVP, All NBA 1st team, All Def 1st team.