Is Kobe worth what he’s going for?

Have enough to pick him up, but now seriously debating if he’s really worth 500k? How’s everyone feeling that bit the bullet and paid the hefty price tag?

No way we’re not getting Sig Kobe somewhere down the road. Resist the urge unless you pulled him

He’s worth it very fun

I’d say no only because a Kobe with Hof Limited will come and sell for a similar price. But if you don’t care. I’d say that PD Kobe is a top 15 card. Not sure if top 10.

How long do you think this Kobe will hold its value?

No telling with 2k. But it’s around that time where op cards come out. After Allstar break usually.

Na, only people getting him should be people who want every card (basically people with millions upon millions of MT) and people who want GO Blake. I want Blake so I gotta sacrifice some MT.

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Ahhhhh alright I won’t do it… I been dying to try him out thought. Sad to pass him up

Any examples? What should I be expecting haha

If you look in the glossary there’s a pd signature Kobe lmao

PD Tmac, Opal Kobe, PD Lebron, PD KD, Opal MJ, Opal Harden, PD Clyde Drexler, Opal Tmac, Diamond or PD Jimmy Butler, Diamond Booker, PD Kawhi, … All these card will have Hof Limitless as well.

I am averaging 25PPG with him.
I think he should be at the same price with Limited Brandon Roy.

Kobe a bit Over priced right now.

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Gonna spend that 500k on this future pd kd

He’s a monster… i think he’s worth it if you got it to spend, if that makes sense. Everybody always says to wait, wait… but why? Sure, there will be another Kobe. But not this week, or next week, or even next month. I think if you want a card, and can afford to spend it, then just get it. Everyone said to wait when diamond Kobe came out. Luckily, i pulled him on the first morning.
But i used him in every lineup since, and sure don’t regret not selling him during all those “Kobe tomorrow?” speculations lol. This is play money in a video game, and it’s easy to build back up. Try and snipe one, but if you have no luck, just try to get the cheapest one you can.


I feel that, wouldn’t even be a question if I was swimming in MT, but I have roughly 500k so it would be my whole bank lol

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Being able to run 3 point plays is very important for me. Thats why he is not worth that amount of MT for my way to play the game.

he will be 400k maybe even lower than that soon don’t buy now

Nope. Limited Roy is argurably better and he’s cheaper than Kobe. 500k for this card is pretty crazy, you’re mainly paying for the name. If this card was released exactly the same in stats, animations, etc. except as someone less popular like Clyde Drexler, he would only be 250-300k max. Also Anniversary Super Packs is gonna devalue him like crazy so his value won’t hold

He 100,% worth it…

Sorry I’m wrong he’s not worth the price , release is too slow for me , just sell it…