Is Klay Thompson worth getting?

I pulled Bogut from a pack and can buy the other players in his collection for MT, it’ll cost me 50k vc to complete Klay, anyone use him? Is he worth it?

No players are worth getting. This is serious pay to play taken to the extreme. Next week or the week after, Klay Thompson won’t be able to compete with the new players. There is no way you’ll have enough MT racked up to buy a better player which means if you want to compete, you will have to pay.

I deleted the game. What a waste of money.


Compete? What for? How about playing for fun? I Earned enough Mt to get. Lilard, Booker, Dirk… I will get all Path Legend players. Easily by playing.

+1 to @Wojtek. Everyone is worth getting if you enjoy playing with it.

On the other hand, I guess it will be getting harder to accumulate mt for diamond or above, so it makes sense to save mt for the future players that you’ll enjoy. For example, I’m planning to save my mt for Jordan, etc.

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how without no-lifing this shit?

The players are capped at diamonds until season 3. A player like Klay who is a 3&D wing with great badges will absolutely be able to compete until then. There are golds in game that can play online. Klay, and all the other amethysts will be fine for a while

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Did not know about diamonds till season 3. If it’s true that’s good news. When it comes to card prices I don’t worry in advance. We’ll see what the prices will be in the future. In a couple of days I will get BRoy and I will focus mainly on making Mt. Curious how it will go. Probably going to play dom. I’m half way the first one. Second gives much more Mt and I think I have lineup good enough to cheese CPU on higher difficulty.

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