Is KG gonna be worth locking in ? isnt he end game

thoughts ?

All depends on your mt situation and your squad. He’s definitely end game in terms of stats and badges.
The real and only question is… he worth 1.5m mt? It really depends on ur bank etc

will he last till 2k21?

Hell yea I’d lock him today

He’s the best kg card we gonna get this year. Check out some gameplay vids of him and test out his release in freestyle see if you like it.
You play on pc? Lock him lol.

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I have kg and I think he is worth it I bought MT and picked up Ben Simmons and KD then decided to finish the set and Oscar Robertson is very good also

A lot of people complain about his release but it’s not bad at all

He’s also godly at defense

He’s worth it bro

Kd, Ben, Oscar, Porzingis and KG

Can be a end game lineup I’m my opinion

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Yeah really good cards all around in the set and I didn’t plan on selling any of them especially Ben or KD so yeah I’d recommend it

usually everyone says dont lock in. I have a feel they’re going to come out with new replacement GOs of each player that are insanely better. What you think ?

I don’t know what is or isn’t endgame anymore based on the cards they’ve been releasing. All I do know is that KG (and KAT for those wondering) are so good that you really cannot get much better than them.

Will there be better cards than them in the AH for a fraction of the cost? Surely. But we don’t know when that will be. If you plan on using at least three of the cards in the set for the foreseeable future then I think it’s a fine idea. It will be hard to get much better than Ben, Oscar, and KD as well. They are more easily outdone than KG, mainly the latter two, but it won’t be easy.

We already survived one drop of giant big men with KG being better than all of the ones released. With the way things are trending, and considering next year is next gen, it wouldn’t be shocking to see 2K end the cycle early or at least taper off as we head into the next few months. I don’t expect to stop receiving cards in May but this two pack a week thing is gonna stop eventually - they’ll run out of cards to drop and will be better served putting effort into the multiple skews that 2K21 needs to have.


If you’re complaining about his release, you either haven’t used him enough or have the meter on. With the meter off, his shot is butter. He doesn’t miss from the corners and abuses HOF Range against shorter guys who can’t contest or slower guys who can’t go out there without risking an auto blowby

Pretty much every opal will be the same the rest of the way. They all will be able to do everything. Just depends on who’s player model and release you want to use. KG was a must have for me. I don’t care that his release is slightly slower than others. Just have fun with players you actually like.


If you had to choose one to lock do you think Kat or KG is the better investment?

If you had to pick one, KG because Ben and KD are insane.

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3 days after, only 3 days. Bol Bol isn’t flat out better but he’s close enough. I can’t imagine what we’ll be getting within 2 weeks.


It depends on how much MT you’ll be left with and how much MT you can generate.

KG will be able to complete at PF for a long time. Will he be the best come June no, but he’ll be usable.

For me locking in 1.5 mil MT isn’t worth it.

Its simple for me. I want Opal Giannis at my 4 over KG or any 4 and I need to be ready when he drops.

To answer your endgame question: sure this KG at PF will be playable til 2k21 comes out without loosing much vs. future juiced cards. You should answer yourself some questions:

Do I have enough MT after locking or plan to buy some? For me 500k would be the bare minimum, better 1 Mil. Or am I not tempted to try out new PF from future releases? Then fine.

Do I like KG in general? We have some die hard KG fans on here (isn’t @508G37 one of them?)and locking for them can make sense if this card is the best version we will get.

If both is a No I would not lock.

And for the term endgame, just look at GO AD or GO Wade and you know what is coming: 200 more attributes and 13-15 more HOF badges than this KG.

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One thing though is that the extra badges might not be important ones, but yes, you’re right.

Pretty much this.
Kg is one of my favorite players and I didn’t lock only because I’m 3 cards away from AD. I would have locked if not for AD.
But this guy plays on pc I believe which if I played on pc I’d lock everything cause mt is dirt cheap lol.