Is KD not that good this year?

Everybody used to love KD cards and there’s pretty much no talk about him ever. Is it that his jumper is too slow for this next gen?

It’s end game so I think I’m gonna try him, it’s time to just use cards I haven’t used all year KD, Melo, maybe Hondo

The usa Durant was one of my favorite cards this year. I would still use him but I’m trying other cards out as we get closer to end game

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I picked one up just now for 64k with speed Grinches and Hof Blinders crazy cheap lol

Have fun man he is crazy

Invincible Durant has been holding down my starting SG spot for a while.

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I’ve ran invincible KD since the day he came out and he’s been incredible. I know most don’t like his shot on VQ but I love it and green more consistently with him than any other card. I’ve also really liked his sg/c and pf/sf opals.

I love his release on next gen. It’s really tricky to time on current gen.

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durant is better at the 2, but since i’m on current gen it would be stupid not to get a 61 Hof AK with contract and grinch for 100k mt (nobody else put a bid on him).
AK got the base 98 and elite D.
I had oop KD for a while at the 2 for me, but had to sell him when VQ releases became common place, because oop KD only has it on Quick. Inv KD is just not that guy with these cheaper elite options.

When I had to go back to current gen for a bit I think AK was the best card I used. Guy is just different on current gen. Still incredible on next and on my team but he’s unstoppable on current