Is Kawhi the best player in the league? (This didn’t age well)

In the playoff thread we were talking about Kawhi and how he compares to lebron and where he stands in the league so let’s continue talking about it here
(This is no longer debatable after the WCSF)


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You can talk about lebron here too, that’s 80% of the gameday threads anyway


2017 playoff Kawhi. Best Kawhi.

And please guys don’t stab each other lol


Kawhi is the closest thing to Jordan all things considered. If the Clippers somehow manage to win the playoffs this year, he would definitely be up there in the goat conversation pretty soon. If not then he will probably have to keep working.


Kawhi is the best player in the world imo unless Lebron proves otherwise in these playoffs, if he wins the chip this year he’s top 15 alltime without a doubr.


For me to consider anyone greater than jordan, they need at least 4 at the bare minimum, probably 5

Kawhi said in the offseason “tell Lebron to stop being scared to guard me”

Stephen A. & Max debate LeBron-Kawhi after Lakers vs. Rockets Game 3: Who is…

We don’t know if it’s true but it’s definitely possible since LeBron really looks like he wants no part of Kawhi. Kawhi just have his number ever since he was a baby.


Yeah, not greater than Jordan. Just at that top level. And I said in the conversation, not THE goat.

Yes playoff kawhi is a different breed

Only time will tell as always but we don’t need to overthink it. I don’t see why Kahwi can’t become one of, if not the greatest player in NBA history if he manages to win multiple titles in the future, puts up great stats, stays healthy, plays great at both ends of the floor? It would definitely be MJ and Kobe level.


Kawhi has the championship belt right now, I think he gets to say he’s the best until proven otherwise


I’m not a fan of these debates really but I think Max said it right.

We’ll find out soon won’t we? :blush:



Let’s see if the guy can play 60 reg season games first before we crown him a GOAT.


@star5CR34M I’m bringing this over here. No chance luka is better in the playoffs then Kawhi. Maybe his stats are better, but Kawhi will end up with the W and that’s all that matters

That’s facts. Kawhi can’t even play a full season without being too tired to even play