Is Kawhi still fast with foams?

I honestly don’t play fast but my defense opens up transition offense which I rely on because my half court offense can get stagnant as a sim player. I had Kawhi as a 3&D glue guy and had pink addys on but now he’s the focal point of my bench so I’m thinking the 95 open 3 could me the move. Will he still be fast tho?

I dont think he really needs the foams his release is pretty easy and nice to time

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I wouldn’t boost 3 because his release is so slow that makes him unreliable as a shooter. I like to have him handle the ball and create my offense, drive to the rack or post up.

U should use the pd then. :slight_smile: hes a monster in the post

Everybody likes to have a three point insurance but yeah the PD is wayyy underrated for it being a god in the post. I used him like Kobe before but got replaced by the Diamond one for the 3pt insurance lol.

No, I like him to steal the ball :joy: most of the time I put him on the opposing PG and manually pick him up full court to burn the clock and try to steal the ball for easy points.
I use him like MJ played irl for the Bulls haha

Put KD10 White/Blue.

That is true. That pd sucks at stealing lol

why would you add open 3 with his release, if anything id add a contested 3 shoe cuz of his slowish release. i feel he is pretty consistent when open, just like PG

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