Is Jayson Tatum an All-star this year?

Is Jayson Tatum an All-star this year?

He’s the second best player on the 3rd seeded Celtics.
2nd leading scorer, plus 20 ppg per night.
Do you guys think a all-star captain will pick him up this year?


Prolly bron will pick him up. TACKO FIRST PICK

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I’m still not sure if who is better between brown and tatum. One week brown is better then next week its tatum lmao :rofl:


Yes but its a very weak eastern conference as far as stars go

The captains don’t pick who makes the allstar team. They just choose their teammates from the field provided


Yes he will be an all star and Jaylen brown probably will be too


Along with Kemba


I think he’ll make it



All ahead of him as far as front court players


Probably fill out the rest

Why not Hayward and Kanter also? It’s funny… Celtics fans are like Lakers fans and think all their teams are all stars…
Honestly I don’t see how Brown can be an All Star. Kemba maybe but Tatum more chance… No one else

Yet neither fan base thinms we can trade DLo for KAT or Draymond for Simmons…

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Lol has it really affected you morally to think that. I think it’s better to think those trades are possible than Tacko or Caruso being an all Star… I don’t think Klay or Steph should be All Stars…

Tacko and Caruso should not and will not be allstars. Let me ask though, before the league changed the allstar starter rules do you remember who Warrior fans literally wasted votes on?

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A team with 26-11 record shouldn’t have 3 all-stars.
Two of them will make it. One of Tatum/Brown will be left out.

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No that’s not Warriors fans but Georgians fans :wink: If you are talking abt Zaza

^^ see this^^ @ImMano99

That’s called logic

Nah that’s Warriors fans

Nope you can argue as much as you want. Georgian fans were the source of this Zaza hype

Fan vote is grabage, anyway.
They should just make the players who have some kind of case for the allstar team eligible and that’s it.
No Carusos or Tackos.
LAL should only have Lebron and AD eligible for voting.
Celtics should have Tatum, Brown and Kemba, but that wouldn’t mean all 3 get in.

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Could not agree more.

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Tatum and Brown are All Stars for me this year. Not starters, but on the bench for sure.

On the other hand, Kemba isn’t.

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