Is J Rich worth it right now?

Hi all,

Yesterday i finsh the Dom. And i’m thinking if J rich is worth the grind. I’m a casual player and i can play 1h every day or nothing. And some weekends 3-4 h.

What is your opinion?

Thanks for your help

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Josh Richardson better lol


I don’t have him, but I’ve seen multiple YouTubers put him on their bench or not play him at all due to being outclassed by Diamond cards. He only has an 80 SWB which is alarmingly low for a SG/SF.

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If only jrich have clamps it would be a great card.
Swb is a little bit low but not an issue on transition with hof downhill and 3pt plays unless you play a lot of iso. Great release since quickdraw update. But at this stage on the game not worth the grind. Diamond Kobe is better

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Unfortunately no. Don’t waste your time

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His speed is a little disappointing but he can shoot and drives pretty well on all star difficulty and below. Also, His dunk animations could be better. I put a diamond contract on him so i may as well evo him to find out if he plays better as an opal.

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While we’re on this topic, does anyone have "Nique Wilkins Opal?

I’m at like 725 wins so he’s within reach, but I have a sneaky feeling that by the time I get to him, he’ll be a little outclassed by cards that are out by Mid January. Only 8 HOF badges and with Iverson getting what…16 I think? I can only imagine the SG’s we get soon.

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In the time it takes you to get JRich and EVO him to opal you could just EVO the free Iggy card to PD and get an actual competitive card for your efforts.


I have Nique. Still my starting 3. My favorite SF currently with his only con being no range extender (though it feels like he has it at times). If you’re at 725 I still think it’s worth going for him

yeah! i’m thinking on try to evo all the dom cards to get j rich , dwight howard, and iggy just grinding some challenges and dom rookie.
I can do a full line up of players to evolve xD


I have J Rich. He’s a solid card. I use him in my lineup. It was a serious grind to get him though and I wouldn’t recommend it if you are starting from scratch and haven’t evolved any of the cards yet. I would evolve a couple of auctionable cards, sell them for profit, and use the MT to buy Diamond Kobe instead.

He’s already outclassed by Kobe PG butler and the like

I’m 25 wins away, and I’m glad Nique was the reward because he’s one of my all-time favorites, and can technically go on a Spurs theme team. :smirk:

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He played for the Spurs!!!

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And in a way, contributed to them getting TD (they sucked so badly that year) so he’s a Spurs legend in my book! :joy:

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Hahaha I didn’t know that! F’real tho he is a beast and you’ll love him especially since he has quickdraw now!

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Personally, after playing with JRich for a while and using him for spotlights I love this card! I am still 200 rebounds and 1300 points from evolving him to an opal but to me he feels legit! Release is cash for me and he always seems to be able to blow by the defender. When I get him evolved I’m going to play some online to see if the grind was worth it but so far so good!

I have him at opal and I like him. Has a nice shot and badges and throws down some crazy dunks. Hes great as an off ball scorer but dont let the SWB fool you, that stat is mostly important for running the break and he has HOF downhill

I had him evolved a month ago, he is pretty nice btw. Not everyone is running god squad imo