Is it worth to grind and get to PD Rewards at this stage of the game?

So I just finished the Ruby Rewards and I have 49 tokens. Should I grind for until I reach the PD Rewards at this stage of the game or is it just useless by now?

No. There are really good cheap cards in the AH

Also what is your line up?

I already have a stacked Line-up, I was just trying to get that PD Eaton that everyone is talking about.

Just Get Yao :smile:

Wish I had MT for the Opal lol, I tried the PD because I got him out of the locker code but he felt way too slow. But now that Opal got a huge upgrade on every stat, just looks amazing. It’s like that girl that we stare at in our school and just think “maaan she’s way out of my league, no way I’m getting her” lol

hahahaha lmao :smile:
I tried the PD yes he is too slow, but the Opal is really great with Kyrie PE.
One of the most fun and dominant centers that I have ever used.

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If you’re having fun “grinding”, then yes

I enjoyed domination and I enjoy the weeklies so I “organically” am up to my 4th PD reward. Mark Eaton is tons of fun and if I ever get to the Opal market I’ll probably nab Wilt because he’s a legend.


Does anyone know what is the total number of tokens one can earn from all weeklies ??

Imo Eaton is worse than diamond D Rob, who you can get for 15K.

I got both and after a couple games I went back to the Admiral. He’s a savage.

6 each, but the first ones only gave 3.

Ooh no I meant the total number of tokens after completing all weeklies…

Ah no, I don’t know then! But weeklies are so boring that they aren’t worth 6 tokens imo :joy:

Yeah your right , but I have nothing else to do in the game … I don’t play much online , so I might as well use those diamond contracts I put on my PD’s . Get my MT’s worth out of them :slight_smile:

I missed a 100k snipe on the opal last night… was very devastated and also a CJ for 100k…

You’ll regret getting that Wilt at this point in the game

If you plan on locking in everything for the 3000 tokens then yes it’s worth it… a lot of mt will be wasted but the roster locked plus domination and the 3000 will get you prolly 5-6 opals off the board

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