Is it worth selling 98 KD, Larry bird and Shaq for GO MJ?

I’ve got about 150k MT. And those are pretty much the only cards I have worth over 100k mt. You guys think it’s worth selling them to get GO Jordan?

I’d say no


no one card this year can just win you games, i wouldn’t do it. I’d get the pink diamond if i was you or play tto to make mt for the opal.

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Ok dumb question. TTO is triple threat offline? Or online? Haha

All those players are getting better cards

online lol

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That’s what I was thinking. I’m sure Shaqs value will only go down. And KD will probably get a opal after winning finals mvp again. But wasn’t sure if bird would be getting an opal or not. Kd and bird are both ridiculously fun cards for sure but I’m thinking their value is only going to decline

How can they even make Larry Bird better haha?

Hahaha hell nah man.

I don’t know man… Giannis is pretty damn cheese

Doesnt mean everyone can afford them when they drop and we don’t know how far down the road that is. There’s a better Penny and no one is using him.

Who cares if a better Bird drops in June.

That GO MJ isn’t worth 2 PD 98 KDs and he’s going for more than that that’s insane.

The anni KD only dropped like 50k

Don’t gut your squad for MJ bro. This card s more of luxury. Good if you have the MT to splurge.


Dont do it bro.

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Appreciate the response everyone! I’ll hold
off and hopefully can earn enough mt before it expires or get lucky trying to pack him

I don’t think you will be able to buy him selling those cards. It never seems to work out that easily.

Let us know if you pack him. Don’t use your MT.

Never gut the team for one player


Been through 95 packs so far. Have gotten 3 diamond mj and 1 Amy. Been ripping singles, 10 packs 20 packs I always seem to have better luck with the boxes

dont do it man bird and KD pretty solid 2 and 3 spot

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